Originally from Great Falls, Montana, USA; Nes became involved with music at a young age and was writing songs by age 13. In highschool his bedroom was set up like a recording studio with an old tascam 24 track recorder and various instruments. “I slept in my closet! So I had room for the studio.” he said. At that time he was making music under the moniker Wayyyne with a sound similar to Animal Collective and experimental pop from 2011. After graduating highschool he moved to Portland, OR to pursue music further.

To support himself he started working various jobs. At the age of 19 he ended up working for a small synthesizer company called synthrotek doing assembly and working on their website. His co-worker Steven served as a helpful mentor and got Nes into electronics and computers. After working in Portland for a few years Nes decided to pursue computer engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman.

For the next few years he spent a lot of time learning how to write code and work on electronics. He cofounded a startup called Vaytricks that now has a popular mobile music making application for smartphones. “Making music software is something I always dreamed about doing, so it kind of just happened.” he said. Nes uses his software Vaytricks Beat Machine to make his beats using just intonation which is a type of musical tuning that allows for more precise harmonic relationships between notes. This gives the music a clear synergetic feeling, and Nes describes it as “It’s like my way of adding a unique twist on pop music and makes me feel like I am actually contributing to music in a fresh way. I want to push the boundaries of what’s possible with mainstream music.”

During this time trap music was making big moves in mainstream music. Nes started a hiphop group called Virtual Gang inspired by Yung Lean and Bladee. “We we’re really just trying to have fun with it. Just experimenting and getting comfortable rapping into the mic.” he said. Virtual Gang released it’s first and only album so far titled “Freshman” in February 2018. After Nes graduated he decided to finally focus on his solo music career with the expertise of his experience making music and his new experience running a software company. “I felt that if I didn’t do it I would be denying myself of everything I have worked so hard for. I had to do it.” he said.

Many listeners have described his sound as “trippy”, and “upbeat” with similarities to Travis Scott, Swae Lee, and Post Malone while his pschedelic/electronic roots from bands like Animal Collective, and Aphex Twin still shine through occasionally.

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